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Raves and Romps

Raves and Romps #1
Just think: getting an 8-week old puppy, in people years, is like adopting a 2-year-old child! This is why a pup’s first eight weeks are so important.
Raves and Romps #2
Don’t bother scolding your puppy unless you catch him/her right in the act! Otherwise, the pup cannot make the connection between your anger and the deed.
Raves and Romps #3
Have problems with your 4-legged teenager? “Dog Training Diaries” by Tom Shelby lists specific training snags and his expertise will assure a quick return to family harmony! I give a huge “Rave” to all dog owners for his must-have guide:
Raves and Romps #4
When The Time Comes…
(chapter from the So Your Bitch Is Pregnant book)
When choosing the “most darling puppy in the world,” we rarely consider the sad fact that our pup will be with us such a short time. Large breeds only live eight to ten years. Toy breeds may live up to seventeen years or more.

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There is a lovely story going around about the little boy who knew why dogs live such relatively short lives. You might wish to Google it: Why Dogs Don’t Live as long as Humans (A Young Boy’s Perspective).

Nor should we indulge in such unhappy reflections when viewing puppies.

Those of us who have had numerous canines in our lives know that the time will come when we have to be tough and make that sad decision. No one can tell you when that moment comes: the moment when you decide for them “that’s enough.”

Be tough. Be kind. Don’t make your sweetheart suffer horribly and go through horrendous and possibly useless medical practices because you cannot face life without your beloved companion.

And, be with them. Yes, even when it is the worst thing you’ve ever had to face.

Don’t let your first dog be the learning experience you need to have with euthanasia to do the right thing. Most vets and their staff know exactly what to do and to say in order to help both you and your dog. The procedure can be a loving process and actually peaceful.

However, I am tearing up just thinking about it.

It is sad. Be strong.

It is the right thing to do.

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